Have a Cigar - Pink Floyd

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Caja Obscura Javier Corvalán + Laboratorio de Arquitectura

I didn’t go to work for a month

I didn’t leave my bed for eight days straight

I haven’t hung out with anyone

and if I did I’d have nothing to say

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Anna Pietrzak


Canoe Haiku


Berlinde De Bruyckere.:Suffering and Protection
Flemish sculptor creates sculptures and drawings of suffering human bodies that resemble nothing so much as reality. It mixes in his sculptures on religious grounds and media images and writes the Christian motif of the human suffering in the contemporary era. The confrontation with the body that engages the artist led to questions about the ethics of our society and are the place to fundamental questions about the nature of the human being.
These disturbing and uncannily lifelike sculptures by Belgian artist Berlinde De Bruyckere are incredibly visceral and eerie. The repulsion instinctively triggered in the viewer comes from their verisimilitude, and the sense of reality of this nameless, grotesque, distorted, half-human, seemingly fluid flesh; combined with their beauty, the delicate, subtle mottling of colors, the pure realistic visceral fleshiness of the works, and their technical grace.


Siza Vieira


Featured Curator of the Week: Philip Intile [pi-slices]

Erik is a GIF maker from Santa Monica, California who posts under the name hexeosis. He started making GIFs a little over a year ago but he has been making animations using computers since he was a little kid. On a good day, art is everything to him. On a bad day, art is ridiculous. Most days it is a mixture of both. He creates his GIFs using After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. He spends a lot of time trying to imagine what the music he listens to could look like and he is inspired by that. Along with music he is inspired by Sunsets.

Sunsets are different every single day, completely free, and rendered real-time in full resolution 3d. I can’t even imagine the processing power behind that…

- Erik (Hexeosis)


Private House | E2A | Via


Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation Modostudio

The project sought to preserve the surrounding environment: the buildings insist on the same footprint of the previous buildings, now demolished. The project is divided into two buildings: the building foundation and a small building adjacent to it for residential use. The building foundation consists of a series of architectural volumes: a transparent glass and steel volume hosts research activities, a wood cladding volume is used as a leisure and dining hall, while the lower architectural body, on which these volumes are placed, hosts support areas for the activities of the foundation and a wine cellar.”


Best description of a mechanical wave I’ve ever seen.


Macoto Murayama is a Japanese architect who has delved into art with this intricate series of floral blueprints. His process is quite fascinating. First he dissects a flower with scalpel and observes it with a magnifying glass. Next he makes sketches and photographs the parts of dissected flower. With the sketches complete, he begins modeling using 3ds Max (CGI software). He then renders separate parts and creates a composition using Adobe Photoshop. According to Murayama, the transparency of his work refers not only to the lucid petals of a flower, but to the ambitious, romantic and utopian struggle of science to see and present the world as transparent (completely seen, entirely grasped) object. His work was recently featured in a Panasonic spot. Be sure to check out that video after the jump.