Turning Bridge-Building Sideways

In 1978, SOM architect Myron Goldsmith and engineer T.Y. Lin created a remarkable structure to span the challenging middle fork of California’s American River. Ruck-A-Chucky Bridge elegantly solves the problem of building a stable, economical structure across a wide, steep gorge by entirely rethinking the principles of bridge-building. A “hanging arc,” the bridge was to be suspended by 80 high-strength cables and balanced by tensile forces. Though unbuilt, Ruck-A-Chucky Bridge stands as a masterwork of innovative design and structural economy to this day. Learn more

we gonna sit here all day?

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Happy Together (1997, Wong Kar-Wai)

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The Stunning and Very Rare Architectural Photography of Iranian Mosque Interiors by Mohammad Rez Domiri

These incredible photos capture the intricate detail of the Middle East’s grandest temples - a kaleidoscope of colours on their ceilings. Mohammad Domiri is a young self-taught photographer from northern Iran who takes beautiful photos of traditional architectural monuments throughout the Middle East.
Due to restrictions on tripods, as well as overcrowding, it is very difficult to get permission to shoot inside these grand wonders.  Most of his subjects are grand traditional mosques, heavily decorated with mesmerizing geometric patterns and mosaics, beaming and swirling with colour just like colossal kaleidoscopes.
Even if you are the world’s least religious person, you might feel your hands coming together in prayer naturally when you see the brilliance of this light. As a result there are very few images of such temples - meaning his photography is extremely rare.
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The geometry consumes my life and never ceases to be awesome. 


Raymond Depardon

1. FRANCE. Paris. Ile Saint-Louis. 1959.. Self portrait with Rolleiflex.

2. 1960’s starlets: Anne-Marie Bellini, Mireille Darc, Cathrine Deneuve, Danièle Gaubert, Geneviève Grad, Joëlle Latour, Dahlia Lavi, Giselle Sandre, Catherine Spaak, Michèle Verez.

3. FRANCE. Paris. Porte de Vincennes. Camping show. 1960.

4. RHODESIA. Salisbury (now Harare).1965.

5. USA. Kentucky. Louisville. Richard NIXON during Republic campaign tour of USA in 1968.

6. PERU. After an earthquake. On the road between Chasquitambo and Cajacay. 1970.

7. LEBANON. Beirut. 1978.

❝ Like a dog

— Kafka, Franz. The Trial


Ivan’s Childhood, 1962-Andrei Tarkovsky
❝ Physics makes us all its bitches

— Of Montreal. “Gronlandic Edit” Hissing Fauna are You the Destroyer?


The Velvet Underground - Femme Fatale

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This week in Life


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Lars Wästfelt’s enchanting images of childhood. Find him on Tumblr here and on Flickr here. 

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